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Networks Made To Succeed – Market Update (H2 2022)

Antum’s philosophy – “always be focused and expertly niche” –  has grown stronger in its conviction, as the business models which it sought to disrupt, themselves evolved and caught-up over the years.

We made it through a surreal 2020, were still living with global limitations and curtailments of certain freedoms throughout 2021, suffering loss and hardship all over, yet we have seen medical technological advances that have turned the Covid tide and 2022 should see the back of strangling global restrictions – we hope the 2022 situation can only improve from here. Humanity’s greatest side, a desire to survive and progress, is making itself known with great force.

Markets have suddenly re-ignited from their lockdown slumber, Central Banks making up for lost time by raising rates and raising expectations – inflation is literally happening before our very eyes. In short – investment needs have shifted, whether we like or not. Investors are needing to re-assess opportunities on a renewed risk-adjusted basis, we are driving with our foot over the brake, ready to deal with any unforeseen obstacles. This means deals and investment offerings will need to stand higher quality-tests and not rely on the flattering of readily available financing only. Quality will continue to provide outsized returns and attractive choices when all fundamentals are considered.

New Environment – Old Rule: quality shines through

When Hani first launched Antum in 2012, specifically to break-away from the traditional investment banking models he had worked within, the traditional “in big-firms-we-trust” sanctified business approach, was still very difficult to manoeuvre away from.

Since then, rapid advances in technology, favourable market shifts, new globalised attitudes and a faster-pace of dealing across cultures, has ensured Antum’s approach to dealing direct and in closed, trusted circles, has flourished.

At Antum we are proud of the friendships we form and maintain through both good times and bad.

In these truly unique and difficult market circumstances, this suddenly shifted world we now find ourselves navigating will bring about even more challenges – as always. Antum is ready and well-positioned to profit from these rarefied generational shifts.

From immense leaps in Healthtech to Fintech, where enforced attitude shifts have brought about seismic business model changes in weeks rather than years, Antum and its partners are positioned to reap the rewards 

We look forward to the future business successes we and our partners will enjoy. 

For now and most importantly, we wish everyone continued health and safety. Stay strong, we will get through this together. See you soon.

Small Circles Create Big Successes

This has worked so far. We intend to maintain the momentum.

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